We offer the following range of services for all makes of car, including Rover and MG, and we will provide a free collection and return service from any location within a 5-mile radius of Northampton NN1 postcodes.

Car Servicing and Repairs

Servicing your car regularly will reduce the wear and tear that can lead to breakdowns, MOT failure and expensive repair bills.  How often you need to service your car depends on your car manufacturer’s guidelines, but we recommend servicing your car at least every 10,000 miles.

Car Servicing and Repairs - Adrian's Autos

All car services by Adrian’s Autos include oil and filter changes, fluid level checks, tyre wear and pressure checks, mechanical and electrical tests of all main systems and engine diagnostics plus any special checks or replacement of car parts as recommended by your manufacturer.

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Proper care and careful driving will prolong the life of your tyres but, eventually, they will wear and need replacing. Worn tyres can adversely affect your car’s ability to brake and corner safely, especially in wet weather conditions. The minimum legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm across the circumference of the tyre, but road safety agencies, such as RoSPA*, recommend that they be replaced at 3mm.

We will be happy to test your tyre treads and pressures free of charge and should any tyres need replacing, we offer a wide variety of new tyres from budget to top-of-the-range brands. We not only fit the tyres, but also adjust the pressures and check the wheel balance, alignment and tracking. We also offer a puncture repair service.

New tyres and tyre repairs - Adrian's Autos


Your driving style, how often you use the car and the type of brake pads fitted, all affect the rate at which your brakes will wear. If you hear unusual noises when you brake, or your brakes seem slow to respond, get us to check them straight away. Worn brake pads can be dangerous, but they can also cause damage to brake discs, which are much more expensive to replace.

Clutch Repairs and Replacement Clutches


If you experience juddering when pulling away or gears that are slow to engage, it’s time to get Adrian’s Autos to check your clutch! A clutch failure will immobilise your car and could lead to accidents, so any clutch problems should be investigated immediately. We will diagnose and fix any faults, or replace clutch systems where necessary.


A faulty exhaust can result in increased noise, increased fuel consumption, reduced engine power, environmental pollution or even dangerous gases leaking into the cabin. So add the exhaust to your list of regular car checks, especially before making long journeys. We repair or supply and fit exhausts and catalytic converters , all with a 3-year guarantee.

Adrian's Autos supplies, fits and repairs exhausts

Air Conditioning

Just like the rest of your car, air conditioning systems need regular servicing, too. An aircon system low on gas or oil will not perform adequately resulting in poor temperature control, a build up of bacteria and environmental pollutants that can cause headaches and runny noses, and reduced fuel efficiency. We recommend a full aircon service and re-gassing at least every 2 years.

Service your air conditioning regularly - Adrian's Autos
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